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Irvine Embassy Suites workers protest unfair treatment

December 8, 2010

Irvine community and clergy leaders gathered for a rally at the Embassy Suites Irvine Wednesday to call on management to do the right thing this holiday season, and stop attacking workers' right to organize a union.

The gathering of support came the same day as UNITE HERE Local 11 filed an unfair labor practice charge with the National Labor Relations Board for retaliation of protected union activity.   One worker alleged that his hours have been cut and others allege that management has said they cannot pass out leaflets to the public or post union notices in the break room -- lawful activity protected under the National Labor Relations Act. 

"I'm an outspoken supporter of the union, and HEI management knows this," said Andrew Cohen, an Embassy Suites front-desk agent. "Despite that I'm the most senior front-desk agent, one recent week, my schedule was cut down to 26 hours. I was the only front desk employee to have my hours cut and a day taken off my schedule."  

Other allegations involve management scrutinizing the work of union activists, refusing to let workers hang pro-union materials and refusing to allow off-duty workers hand out flyers outside hotel doors. 

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