Indianapolis Update

Worker protest at Hyatt in Indianapolis results in 41 arrests

Protesters in Indianapolis on July 22, 2010

July 22, 2010

Karl Frederiksen has been a model employee of the Hyatt Regency Downtown and makes pretty good money, especially compared with some of his co-workers. But he's tired of what he sees as the hotel's use of subcontractors to skirt fair pay and benefits.

"These temporary employees are being used in a full-time manner, as permanent workers with no benefits. They have no health insurance, no retirement, nothing," he said. "This is unfair.

An employee of the month in 2002, Frederiksen, 55, wanted to be locked in arms with his fellow Hyatt employees Thursday, protesting what they see as injustice. He and some co-workers have been trying to organize a union at the hotel for years.

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