Bring Back the Hyatt 100

On August 31, 2009, Hyatt fired its longtime housekeeping staff at its three Boston-area hotels. Many of the fired housekeepers worked for their hotels for over 20 years. Many were required to train their replacements before being fired. Their replacements are being paid minimum wage.


35 arrested in protest against Hyatt in Cambridge

July 22, 2011

Thirty-five people were arrested for trespassing at the Hyatt Regency Thursday afternoon during a protest against the Hyatt's treatment of cleaning staff. Approximately 200 union members and members of the public gathered to support the civil disobedience, and represent the “Hyatt 100,” the 98 Boston-area cleaning workers who were abruptly fired two years ago. Read more.

Profiting from misery

September 7, 2010

They had a demonstration outside the downtown Hyatt the other day, to commemorate the anniversary of the firing of 98 housekeepers at Hyatt hotels in and around Boston.... Wanda Rosario was standing on the sidewalk outside the Hyatt. She suffered more than the indignity of losing her housekeeping job of 23 years there; she unwittingly trained her replacement, a woman who is being paid a lot less to do a lot more. Read more.

Hundreds Protest on Anniversary of Hyatt 100 Firings

September 2, 2010

BOSTON - The Hyatt 100 and hundreds of their Boston supporters rallied today to mark the one year anniversary of Hyatt firing their entire housekeeping staff at the three Boston area Hyatt hotels. The rally is part of a nationwide wave of demonstrations, with thousands protesting Hyatt's mistreatment of its employees.

The Hyatt 100 were fired after being tricked into training their own replacements. Many of the former housekeepers worked for Hyatt for more than two decades, and dozens continue to struggle to support their families while Hyatt refuses to reinstate them.

"Hyatt said we were fired because the recession was hurting their business," said Lucine Williams. "Now we know that's just an excuse to make more money and hand out big bonuses while our families continue to struggle."

Boycott These Hotels in Boston!

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"...Surely there is some way to retain the jobs for your housekeeping staffs, as other hotels have done, and to work with them to help the company meet its current challenges, rather than tossing them out unceremoniously to fend for themselves while the people they trained take their jobs at barely livable wages."

- MA Governor Deval Patrick

Hyatt 100 Supporters

Maria Josefson
Stephen DeGange
Elizabeth Krentz-Wee
Dennis Prater
Andrew Ash
Jessica Lawlor
Dianne Feeley
Lee Strieb
Aldo Cafarelli
Wade Smith
Meg Robertson
Bob Dempsey
Stuart Neatby
Dr. Lisa Pollard
Deborah Belle
Alex Kantrowitz
Jessie Hahn
Joe Connor
Fernando Juarbe
george white, jr.
Annie Fox
Saqib Bhatti
Edmond Caldwell
Jane Berstein
Anneta Argyres
Matthew Walker
Pam Ethington
Jake Williams
annette gagne
matt shuman
Barry David
Dan Gordon
Stuart Sealfon
Ed Feigen
Neil Parthun
David Cleffi
adam reeves
Greg Nash
Diana Boice
Lynn Rosenbaum
John Templeton
Pari Baker
Brian Rutter
Julia Liu
Roy Emerson
Lorraine Powell
Nicholas Panagakos
Micah Landau
Lundy Braun
Gabriel Wuebben
Patricia Simon
Jean Yang
Ansar Fayyazuddin
Scott Fulmer
Doug Smiley
Chris Beckstead
ben horn kaon
Katherine Turk
Alfonso Capozzi
Jim Botari
John Templeton
Rev. Dr. John Buehrens
Jeanne McGuire
Daniel McDonnell
Leigh Shelton
edward childs
adriana contreras
Sarah Arnason
Eleanor Jaluague
Jacob Waxman
Joanie Parker
Charles Schille
kathleen Voytko
Neal Meyer
Muneer Muljiani
Steve Leigh
Angela Vierling-Claassen
Peter Volosin
Phan Nguyen
John Donegan
Toris Braddock
steve craig
Susan Lambert
Nancy Welch
Catherine Judge
freda scotch
Brenda Chaney
Margaret Carsley
Veronica Salgado
Marya Axner
Patricia Meehan
Whitney Kelting
Rev. Ashlee Wiest-Laird
Carl Matthews
Sasha Bridger
Ryan Chaney
Kristin Winn
Rev. Dr. Norman B. Bendroth
Rand Wilson
Jess Corbett
Cassie Hays
Jane Slaughter
Danna Schneider
Peter Goselin
Steve Craig
Rev. Anne Ierardi
Stuart Elliott
Liz Hrenda
Powell DeGange
Shaun Joseph
Kernan B
Mark Liu
Rev. Hank Peirce
Yury Ivanou
Michael M. Remson
catherine trimbur
Thom Cincotta
Anthony Zuba
Marilyn Frankenstein
Anne Harvey
Bruce Wheeler
Jake Williams
janet jones
Grace Regullano
Rabbi Victor H. Reinstein
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The Rev. Laurel Scott
William Timmins
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Ann Langone
Wally Soper
Sergio Moyer
Alexandra Ellis
Rev. Marta Valentin
Hannah Forrester
Owen Li
Barry Barrios
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Jeff Nelson
Daniel Verinder
Heath Prince
Sandra Rosen
Jennifer Whitlock
Jessie Ham
Mitch Horowitz
Paul Delehanty
Jennifer Cropper
Jessica Melia
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Christine Cannon
s maglione
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Anna Feder
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